Our latest addition to the Shift toolkit

Shift is a workout app that mixes podcasts and music into your training. It plays podcasts during the recovery parts of the session, and music during work. Currently, there are two ways to enable this. Either by using an interval timer, or “manually” by tapping pause on your headphones. For cardio workouts, however, this is not always ideal. Often you just want to free-run without caring about timers or having to manually shift between podcasts and music. It would be great if there was some frictionless way to get podcasts during most of the workout, and still, get the benefit…

Building data-informed product teams

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

In the mobile app team at ice, we aim to work data-informed by making decisions based on data analytics. Every member participates in the decision-making process, and so it’s important that the team is aligned and well-informed on the relevant data. In practice, however, it can be challenging to prioritize time to think about metrics and ideas, when you first and foremost need to work on your dedicated tasks. To improve this we’ve designed a product development process we call “Metric Mondays”. The idea is to have a continuous flow of relevant analytics data fed into the team on a…


I like to work from home a couple of days a week. It boosts my productivity, improves my habits, recharges extroversion and I learn to appreciate being at the office even more. Here are a few habits and lessons i’ve adopted in order to be more productive. Please post a comment if you have any habits of your own to share.

Disclaimer: Most of these habits make most sense if you are working from home.

1. Start with a to-do list 📝

I always start the day by listing up things to do. It keeps me focused. I write two to three lists, something like this:

  • Main…

Michael Kølleskov Gunnulfsen

Hacker with a romantic passion for code from the NORTH. Musicianish. Member of the Finimize fam and maker of Shiftfm.app

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